Sunday, December 10, 2006

Working On Ourselves

It isn't our business to live anybody's life, or to die anybody's death, except our own. Not to save anybody's soul, nor to put anybody in the right;... but to be still, and to ignore the false fine frenzy of the seething world. To turn away, now, each one into the stillness and solitude of his own soul. - D.H. Lawrence

I am constantly asked why I do not take up healing work and confine myself to teaching. It is because I firmly believe that each of us should take on the responsibilty for our own healing and spiritual growth. While we can depend on masters and teachers to show us the way we cannot expect them to do our work for us. When we are shown the way it is upto us to follow the path and fight our demons and move towards the light. No one else can do it for us, no matter how many healing sessions we go to! It's hard work, no doubht, because when we think we've conquered a demon, it pops up it's head again when we're least expecting it! This where Reiki and other holistic healing systems and meditation come into play. There has to be a combination of awareness and the use of these tools. We need to know and recognise the demons we are fighting and also have the focus and determination to rid ourselves of them. When we meditate we automatically clear ourselves of negativity and also shrink the demons. :) This is motivation enough to continue down the path till we see that we and the world are ONE or BRAHMAN .
To read more about Brahman do go thru the Upanishads. I am adding a link.

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