Saturday, November 25, 2006

Reiki For Your Intentions,Goals And Desires.

This outward spring and garden are a reflection of the inward garden.
Mevlana Rumi

What Rumi means is; whatever goes on inside you is reflected in your external circumstances. When our emotions and thoughts are unsullied and clear; when we are not in turmoil; when right thought and right action prevail ; our external circumstances match that inner gloriousness. When we live with a feeling of abundance and joy, abundance and joy come into our lives. This is where 'Attitude Of Gratitude' comes in! The universe gives us more to be grateful about! There's more about this in the section on the FIVE REIKI PRINCIPLES.

Having said that, Reiki is often used to energise and manifest goals and desires. There are specific techniques taught in a Level Two class that deal with this. But, of course, the small print says that our goals and desires manifest ONLY if they are what we need and deserve at this point and ONLY if they do not interfere with the larger good of everybody and everything else; which makes huge sense!

To give Reiki to your Goals and Desires, write them down on strips of paper, fold them and draw the Symbols on the back. Give Reiki to these for about five to ten minutes a day. Have a box in which you can keep these slips and Reiki the whole box for about ten minutes a day!

Use a clear quartz crystal and after cleansing and energising it with Reiki and the Symbols, programme it to send energy to the intention. You can keep the slip of paper underneath it!


While these tools are specific to Level Two I always encourage my Level One students to do this without the symbols. Reiki is from the highest source and so there's no reason to assume that it will not work without the symbols.

Another thing to watch out for with desires and goals is not to cling to them. The best way to block a desire from manifesting is to think about it 24/7 and imagine that your happiness depends on it. Never going to happen.

Take a tip from the new James Bond.He says he doesn't care if his martini is shaken or stirred! He doesn't even care if it isn't a martini! Now that's non clinging for you. :)

But have fun with the intentions! Just remember though; true joy has nothing to do with anything external.


Anonymous said...

i myself am a zen practitioner.
over years of practising zen, rieki, sufi-ism and yoga, i have come to realize that its not the methodology that matters, its your dedication.

all methods work, is it not?

any method of spiritual transcendence is fine if you really want to transcend.

Bindu said...

Thank you for leaving a comment! I think we all use different paths to the
same destination. We are each drawn to a particular one which is right for
us at that point of time. Sometimes we wander on to another path which is
also going in the same direction.:) I find Sufism and Zen fascinating.
And also pracise Yoga.

tarun said...

Reiki blessings,

I like your site and being new to Dubai wanted to check if people interested in Reiki - Yoga have meetings or a webforum.


Dibs said...

Happy to come across your blog. I am a student of reiki and have done level 1, 2 and Karuna reiki. I attempted Masters level too and unfortunately lacked the discipline in tuning myself. I still practice reiki ..but mostly for intentions!! What do you do with the strips of paper that have intentions, after the intention comes true?

Bindu said...

Thank you Tarun and Dibs.Sorry about the late reply Tarun, I have been terrinbly irregular with my blog postings! Tarun, a few links for you,
Dibs, you should idealy burn the paper after your intention manifests. Hope that helps. Stay well.:)

Anyaxxoo said...

Thank you for this article! I am a Reiki level 1 and am on a mission to use Reiki in every area of my life! Thank you for another wonderful way to use this gift! :)

vel said...


Nice blog. I have done Reiki level 1 but unfortunately i was not able to do it on a regular basis.Does the feel of power goes away if we dont practice it regularly?

Bindu said...

Thank you, Vel, for your comment. No, the Energy cetainly will not leave you. Once you are attuned, it's for life.:) Keep practising to increase the Levels of energy.

Anonymous said...

I'm Reiki level 1 nd 2. I've got thyroid.My doctor says don't do reiki ,but i'm still practicing reiki.But my intentions are not coming true,though i energise them daily for 5 min.Is it b'coz of my desease?And please tell should i carry on reiki practice or leave it as doctor says....???

Bindu said...

Please continue with the Reiki. I would give Reiki to all the chakra pointsrather than intentions. Also check out this link and find your affirmation. Hope this helps.:)