Sunday, November 12, 2006

Power Places

I had a class for two interesting young men a couple of days ago. They were both from different cultures, countries and back grounds but amazingly there were so many aspects that bound them. Really heart warming to see that we aren't all that different after all. There's still hope,people!
During the class we were discussing 'power places'. Places that exist on our planet ( probably all over the universe; Mars probably has a couple of craters that are more comfortable than others. But I'm being facetious!) where there is a lot of positive, vibrant energy. In earlier ages, when people built temples or other such structures of sanctity and worship they would check to see if the place was a 'power place' They made sure the vibrations were positive and strong. This was true of every ancient culture, be it The Egyptians with their Pyramids, Hindus with their temples , Mosques dotted all over the ancient Arab cultures, the Celtic Druids with their Stonehenge, Shamans with their sacred spaces, Machu Pichu in Peru; I could go on and on.
Sadly the practice of studying the energies of a place before building a spiritual centre seems to have died out; happily we now seem to seeing something of a revival. Vaasthu Shastra (Vaastu- physical environment and Shastra- knowledge/ text/ principles) is now making a big comeback in India. Science explains Power Places with magnetic energy fields. Beyond the scope of this little article; do look it up if you're interested.


You can make your own sacred space with Reiki and a few other aids. Find a comfortable place in your home or garden where , generally, you will be able to spend time alone, or be able to sit meditatively with 'like minded' people. Sit quietly till you feel calm and relaxed. You can now do your Chakra meditation or any other meditation. Connect to Reiki and ask for the space to be filled with positive energy, ask for peace, harmony and beauty to fill the space. Allow Reiki to flow as long as you sit there. Do this for a few days and over a period of time you would have created a power place to enhance the effects of your meditation and Reiki. You can also energise your power place further by lighting incense or candles. Placing an alter or crystals in the space will also enhance the energy and give it a sense of sanctity.

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