Monday, April 16, 2007

Meera's Bhajan

daras bin dookhan lage nain!
daras bin dookhan laage nain.
jab te tum bichhre piy pyaare, kabahu na paayo chain.
sabd sunat meree chhatiyaan kanpe, meethhe laage bain.
ek tak takee panth nihaaroo,bhai chhmaasee rain.
birah bithaa kason kahu sajanee, bah gayee karbat ain.
Meeraa ke Prabhu kab hon miloge,dukh metan sukh den.


My eyes burn with longing
for a glimpse of you.
My beloved, since You parted from me,
I have never had a moment's peace
When I hear thy voice
my heart beats faster
for your voice is so sweet
I gaze fixedly at the path which you will come by,
Each night without Thee seems like six moths..
To whom shall I exress my sorrow?
cutting through my heart?
Mira says, Oh my Lord, when will You meet me again!


Sadiq M. Alam said...

you have a beautiful blog.

you are welcome to the Sufi Poetry Blog Carninval here @ Inspirations and Creative Thoughts

Bindu said...

Thank you Sadiq! :) I see you are a Sufi. Took a quick look at your blog. Will do so again at length today.