Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sound Meditation.

There are several ways to meditate with sound. Sound Vibrations have the ability to guide you to the centre. Chanting is one of these. Chanting a Mantra or a Shloka releases vibrations that are meditative. The chanting of OM with complete concentration is a complete meditation in itself. Similarly there is Qur'anic chanting in Islam and Buddhist chanting, which invoke a deep sense of peace. The sound has to surround and encompass you until you are one with it's resonance.

Tibetan singing bowl meditation.


Anonymous said...

Dear Bindu,
Happy to view and few of your spiritual messages kept for all.
Thanks for sending me the link.

Pray to GOD for your peace, happiness and Divine Goal.

With kind regards,

Bindu said...

Thank you Vinay. I have been very inactive with the postings hence the delay in replying. God Bless. Stay well.