Friday, January 12, 2007

Mullah Nasruddin's practical faith!

Mullah Nasruddin was a Sufi. There are numerous stories about him that are wise and humurous! A man who never took himself seriously...a receipe for a happy life!!!

An Answered Prayer
God will provide, Nasruddin told a man that complained that all his money, twenty silver pieces, was stolen. Really? I doubt it, said the man skeptically. Well, come, I'll show you, said Nasruddin leading him to the communal place of prayer. God, please give this man back his twenty silver pieces!! yelled Nasruddin upon entering. Please, God! He is a good man, and this stolen money was all he had!!! He kept on shouting and imploring God, until the upset and annoyed congregation made a quick collection, and gave him the cash. You may not understand the means, said Nasruddin handing the man the money, but I'm sure you trust the end...

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